Epoxy Paint


Epoxy Paints

Epoxy resin has reactive Oxirane groups that can be reacted with amine groups of various types of hardeners such as Polyamide, Polyamines, Cycloaliphatic amines, Phenalkamines, Phenalkmaides, etc.

Upon reaction with amines, oxirane groups open up into the hydroxyl group which offers excellent adhesion to the surface. The cured epoxy paint provides excellent resistance to corrosion and various chemicals, lubricating oils and petrochemical solvents.

Epoxy paints provides high degree of toughness and flexibility in the final film. Mechanical properties include impact resistance, abrasion resistance. Epoxy resins have excellent chemical, water, solvent acids and alkaline resistance due to their ether linkage.

Epoxy Paints (Top Coat)

All shades as per IS:5 & RAL standard are made as per buyer requirements Please contact for material data safety sheet.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coatings are two-part systems consisting of a resin and hardener. Specialty additives like UV inhibitors, adhesion promoters, accelerators, etc, are added to create coatings for wide variety of flooring applications. Mechanical properties include increased abrasion resistance, and higher chemical resistance. Epoxy floor coatings are an extremely useful flooring option and can be applied to enhance performance and aesthetic characteristics. Applications: residential, commercial, and industrial. Click Here to download the brochure.


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