Anti - Corrosive Primers


Anti- Corrosive Primers

Primers are used to fill the porosity and adherence to the substrate. The function of a primer is to prevent corrosion and provide cleaned surface for top coat application.

Zinc Silicate Primer

IOZS comprise metallic Zinc held in glassy silicate matrix. The Zinc metal provides galvanize corrosion protection to M.S substrate.


Epoxy MIO Primer (Red/Grey)

MIO is a two-component high build epoxy coating ideally suited for metal bridges, chemical plants. DFT equal to 100-150 microns.


Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Grey Primer

A two-component high build epoxy (base) primer with anti-corrosive pigment. Used as a blast primer for structural steel work in mild to aggressive environments. DFT equal to 75 microns in a single coat application


Epoxy Red Oxide Primer

A two-component high build epoxy (base) primer with anti-corrosive pigment with high grade Iron Oxide. DFT equal to 60-75 microns in a single coat application.


Epoxy Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer

A two-component, anti -corrosive primer based on epoxy resin and hardener with Zinc Chrome yellow pigment.

Zinc chrome provides the corrosion inhibiting action. The powerful oxidising property of the chromate ion oxidise ferrous ions to ferric oxides on the anode surface and combines to form an adherent ferric/chromate complex which seals the anodic areas and retards corrosion.

Used in Steel Structures like tanks, equipment’s and non-ferrous metals


Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer (Z-88)

A two-component zinc rich coating that are applied to protect ferrous surfaces from corrosion. Zinc is anodic to steel, these particles corrode first, thus protecting the ferrous substrate beneath the primer from corrosion.